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Comparison photos of Classic White, Sand and Clay Color Palight Trimboard


Why paint trim if you don't have to?

Our Sand and Clay color Palight Trimboard products – with Color2Core™ – look great and save contractors time and money.

Classic White trimboard is a widely used standard, and we manufacture the best in the business. But if you're planning to use more contemporary earthtone-colored windows, doors, siding, or paints, you owe it to yourself to consider new Sand or Clay color Palight Trimboard.

  • Comes with EverClean™ Protective Film. Standard
  • Color2Core means the color runs through entire thickness of the board
  • Saves time, labor, and cost compared to painting
  • No recurring paint maintenance cost for homeowner
  • No delays caused by inability to paint in bad weather – translating to prompt payments for completed work
  • No need for extra painting if cutting or routing boards
  • No need for touch up paint if nicked or scratched by homeowner

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Palight Trimboard Sand Installation Photo

Palight Trimboard Sand Image 2



Attention: Mill Shops

Looking to create custom column wraps, light blocks, shutters, or other siding accessories?

Mill Sand Colored Palight Trimboard and experience the benefit of a fully pigmented Trimboard.

Image: Classic White, Sand and Clay with Smooth Finish

Classic White, Sand and Clay in Wood Grain Finish