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Available in the USA & Canada
While Palram has been manufacturing high performance PVC products since 1963 and has extensive manufacturing and marketing and manufacturing operations around the globe, some products are currently only available on a regional basis.

If you are a contractor or consumer:

Palight Trimboard is available in many lumber yards throughout the United States and Canada. Use the dealer/distributor locator below to determine if there is a location near you.

If you are a Dealer or Distributor, call us at 800-999-9459:

Palram sells its products exclusively through Authorized Distributors. If you are a existing or prospective dealer, contact Palram or one of our distributors. Distributors, to become an Authorized Palight Trimboard Distributor, please call us at (800) 999-9459, or visit our Get Authorized page on our main site.
Authorized Dealer/Distributor Locator

Palram is working to add new dealers and distributor all the time, so please check back or call us at (800) 999-9459 if you don't see a dealer in your area.


Button US FlagDealer (typically stocks products and sells to builders, contractors, and end users).

Button US FlagDistributor (stocks product, but typically only sells wholesale to dealers and small distributors. Distributors can also provide the locations of dealers that they serve.)