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Palram Unveils EconoTrim PVC Trim Boards

February 28, 2013

Palram Americas is pleased to announce EconoTrim™, a free foam cellular PVC trim product created to merge cost sensitivity with the benefits of PVC Trim. EconoTrim cellular PVC Trim Boards, Corner Boards and Sheets include a 15 year limited warranty and are available with a smooth / smooth finish or a wood grain / smooth finish.

“Palram understands that as our economy and the industry recover, price may continue to be a factor in the buying decision. EconoTrim was created so that the cost sensitive project and lumberyard can upgrade from wood or cement trim to the performance of a PVC product at a reduced investment,” stated Mike Morris, Building Products Manager at Palram Americas. “This EconoTrim offering allows Palram to serve consumers that are currently driven by price, while maintaining our premium Palight Trimboard product for those desiring high value in a superior product. Both EconoTrim and Palight Trimboard are readily available.”

Available in a variety of dimensions, EconoTrim is rot, mold, and insect resistant, virtually waterproof, can come in direct contact to masonry, resists splitting and can be thermoformed. For optimal performance, EconoTrim should be painted with a latex-based paint with a Light Reflective Value of 55 or higher.

For more information on EconoTrim, visit today.

For sealed edges, double sided film, wood grain / smooth reversible sheets, additional accessories, mouldings, color options, a 30 year transferrable warranty, and more, Palight Trimboard free foam PVC is Palram’s premium PVC trim board option. Visit for more information and how to contact us.