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Palram Announces Cortex® Hidden Fasteners for Palight® Trimboard

July 23, 2013

Palram Cortex® Product ShotPalram recently partnered with FastenMaster to introduce a line of Cortex® Hidden Fasteners for Palight® Trimboard, Palram’s cellular PVC trim product. The line of fasteners will include both smooth and wood grain options, and will be available in packages that will allow for 50, 250, and 750 lineal feet of coverage. Each package comes complete with screws, plugs and setting tools. Plugs are color-matched for Palight Trimboard and are easy to use. Cortex plugs result in a finished surface that makes screw holes virtually invisible. The need for putty or caulk is eliminated. Cortex Hidden Fasteners are widely used in the construction industry for PVC trim and deck installations. Palram’s Cortex fasteners should be available in dealers shortly after this issue is delivered.

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