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Comparison photos of Classic White, Sand and Clay Color Palight Trimboard

We’re showing our true colors. And they run deep.

New Sand and Clay color Palight Trimboard looks great and saves contractors time and money.

Classic White trimboard is a widely used standard, and we manufacturer the best in the business, but if you're planning to use more contemporary earthtone-colored windows, doors, siding, or paints, you owe it to yourself to consider new Sand and Clay color Palight Trimboard.

  • Comes with EverClean™ Protective Film. Standard.
  • Color runs through entire board vs. competing surface painted boards
  • Saves time, labor, and cost compared to painting
  • No recurring paint maintenance cost
  • No delays caused by inability to paint in bad weathertranslating to prompt payments for completed work
  • No need for extra painting if cutting or routing boards
  • No need for touch up paint if nicked or scratched by homeowner

Sand Sales Sheet Image

Download the Palight Trimboard Sales Sheet (PDF).

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Image: Classic White & Sand with Smooth Finish

Classic White, Sand and Clay in Wood Grain Finish

Attention: Mill Shops

Looking to create custom column wraps, light blocks, shutters, or other siding accessories?

Mill Sand and Clay Colored Palight Trimboard and experience the benefit of a fully pigmented Trimboard.