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  Wood Trim
Rot, mold, and insect resistant   Yes   No
Virtually water proof   Yes   No
Direct contact with masonry   Yes   No
Resistant to splitting   Yes   No
No pre-drilling required to avoid splitting near edges when nailing   Yes   No
Self-exstinguishing   Yes   No
Built-in weather protection (does not require paint, stain or varnish)   Yes   No
Available with protective film to ensure a clean surface until removed   Yes   No
30 Year Transferable Warranty   Yes   No


Leave the wood
in the woodpile.

Before the Job Begins

Palight Trimboard offers all the workability of wood, but with noneof the drawbacks.

  • Does’t warp due to moisture – No searching through the stacks looking
    for a straight piece.
  • Comes in standard lumber sizes – No need to learn new math.
  • Rain? Snow? – No problem. Waterproof

Keep Your Job Flowing Smoothly.

Split. Crack. Pop. Those are some sounds you won't hear using Palight Trimboard. But you’ll be quite familiar with the sound of a nail gun, the buzz of a saw, and the whir of a drill or router.
  • Sealed Edges & EverClean™ Protective Film. Standard.
  • Use standard tools – Your trusty carbide tipped woodworking tools will serve you well.
  • Uniformity – No twists, knots, or inconsistencies.
  • Standard fastening methods – Rout it. Drill it. Saw it. Nail it. Glue it.
  • Need to conform to a curve? Palight can be easily thermoformed in advance or on the job
  • Made white, stays white - Palight has a UV protected smooth finish that doesn’t require painting.
  • Want a top-notch finish, or need another color? Palight can easily be painted.
  • Just use standard 100% acrylic latex paint (more info).

After the Job is Done.

The punch list will be shorter, and the callbacks fewer.
  • Impervious to Insects - No insect damage, ever.
  • 30 Year Transferable Warranty* - That’s a lot better than the wood you’ve been using—and most other PVC Trimboard brands too. (more info)




30 Year Warranty